Consultation Phase 1: The Joint Expert Panel’s Second Report and the 2020 Valuation

23 Jan 2020

This page was updated on 19 February and 28 April 2020 to include additional documentation

The first consultation on the Joint Expert Panel’s second report (JEP2) and on the 2020, and future, actuarial valuations is now available to employers.

JEP2 was published in December 2019 and made recommendations on future valuations, starting in 2020, and the longer-term sustainability of USS.

This first consultation is part of a series of three, which will gather the views of employers on the JEP’s recommendations, and to consider how these might be implemented in the context of the 2020 valuation, and in supporting the longer-term sustainability of USS.

In this phase, employers are encouraged to provide their initial views on JEP2 and how its recommendations might be applied to the 2020 valuation. It will be in the next phases where the options for the 2020 valuation and the impact on contribution rates will be consulted on in more detail.

The three consultation phases will take place alongside the consultations on the 2020 valuation issued by the USS trustee.

Download the consultation document and an optional response form below.

Phase 1 consultation closing date: 28 February 2020

For definitions of key terms, please refer to the glossary.