Joint Expert Panel: an update from the chair

23 May 2019

The Joint Expert Panel (JEP) has issued the following update on the second phase of its work:

The Panel would like to reiterate its latest call for evidence, and reassure all stakeholders that the Panel is on track to publish its second report in September 2019.

The Panel thanks all those who have contributed so far and calls for evidence to aid the second part of this phase of its work.

This call for evidence focuses on:

  1. potential principles that could underpin future valuations and support the scheme’s sustainability;
  2. alternative paths to the valuation; and
  3. questions of how risk is shared in the scheme, including approaches to contributions and mutuality.

For further information, please see the full call for evidence.

If you still wish to submit evidence in response to the Panel’s first call for evidence, which looked at the valuation process and governance arrangements, please feel free to do so. Please ensure that submissions reach the panel by the deadline below.

Please submit your comments to: by June 14 2019.